Updated Wednesday 21 December 2023

Hi! Suraj here.

Right now: I've just finished my time in the Fall 2 batch at Recurse Center. I'm looking for a job. You can find my resume on LinkedIn.

I'm a backend web developer. Over the past few years, I've worked on:

  • a CRM/CSM tool with integrated chatbot
  • lots of RESTful APIs
  • deploying web services on GCP, AWS
  • debugging funny issues with (unfortunately) distributed systems (or microservice architectures, whatever)
  • cool automations for an very large enterprise's internal search engine
  • a rule engine for a well-known FinTech corp
  • planning and designing architecture for MVPs for clients
  • training and mentoring junior devs

Besides the large enterprise's search engine part, all the work I've listed was at startups, either as an employee or as a contractor or part of a consulting team. I have an eye for debugging, I like designing solutions that aren't more complex than absolutely necessary, and I'm all for being product- and customer-oriented. I am not particularly attached to a particular stack or language, and I'm open to learning new tools/stacks for building good tech.

You can email me, reach out/see my resume on linkedin, or ping me on twitter.

P.S. The site nav is kinda broken right now. I'm working on fixing that.